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We’re in the process of closing up the apartment and getting ready to hit the rails, so posting will be sporadic at best and erratic at worst.  But believe me, come October 13th I will have much to discuss.



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RIP Mr. Newman.  You will be sorely missed.

The trailer to one of my preferred Newman vehicles…and not at all inappropriate given the lyric title to this post:

You will be much missed,

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Interlude of poetry;

The poem that sold me on E.E. Cummings when I was a young teenager:


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A recent post from Miss Shortcake over at Our Little Haus (for some reason, my browser isn’t allowing me to embed links–her blog is on my roll to the right) reminded me that I completely forgot to post photos that I took during my recent trip back to Pennsylvania on Amtrak–on September 11th, no less.  I was in a bit of a strange mood that day–it was the first time I had gone to Union Station since Monday, and it was so surreal to stand on the platform, watching Metro-North trains pull in and depart and to hear their whistles, a sound I had become so accustomed to hearing over the last year and a half-plus.  Added to that the fact that I can get rather introspective and moody when going down to PA by myself on the train–reminiscent of too many depressing Sunday afternoon/evening rides home after visiting Michael–it was an odd trip home.

Oh, and also that it was the anniversary of September 11th certainly infiltrated my mind as well.


I couldn’t bear to take any shots of my old commute that day–it was just too strange.  But moving along:


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Today was a positively gorgeous day here in the Have, and I really had no excuse not to make good on that promise to myself and to you, loyal readers, to venture downtown and visit Yale’s two art galleries.  Both were designed by Louis Kahn, the famed architect who was the subject of My Architect, a documentary made by his son a few years ago.  Kahn also designed the Civic Center in Philadelphia, which  is this odd structure and the former location of the bigger events in the city, like the famed Flower Show and the Regional Science Fair, both of which I either attended or was involved with when I was in sixth grade.  The two buildings could not be more different from their exteriors–the Art Gallery is a mix of the traditional Yale style seen across campus with a mix of modernism, most easily visible from the side, and the British Gallery of British Art looks like…a giant block.

So join me in a virtual tour–gum, drinks and food are permitted, and while photography isn’t encouraged (because who photographs their computer screen?), you’re welcome to use these photos, provided that you give credit to me.

The easiest way to get to the Galleries from the apartment entails that I go through campus and approach them from behind (to invoke Michael Scott:  that’s what she said).  What’s funny is that the back of the Yale Art Gallery is…

Jump! (more…)

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Ever since we started watching Mad Men a few weeks ago during our marathon viewing session of Season One and catching the new episodes every Sunday, I’ve felt an odd sort of kinship with Betty Draper.  And now that I’m spending so many of my days at home doing housework it’s become much stronger.  I’m not referring, of course, to being constantly cheated on or having an unfulfilled sex life (not that I would write about the latter on a blog, anyway), but rather, the air of sadness and aimlessness that has been hovering over her for many, many episodes.  This image(pulled from AMC’s website) really resonated with me, and perhaps I watched the episode one too many times today, as I’m now in the throes of her brand of melancholy:

It was shocking to see her in this state–she had spent the day drinking wine and scouring the house, rifling through Don’s clothes and drawers in search of evidence of an affair.  Until then, we had never been given a real glimpse of Betty beneath the veneered facade, and it was oddly comforting to see my mental state so effectively displayed, no words required.

It also was a great reminder that I need to get out of the house, and tomorrow I’m going to the Ya;e Art Ga;;ery and maybe the Yale Gallery for British Art.  Both are free (and we like free things) and are across the street from each other downtown, so expect a virtual tour either tomorrow or the next day.

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Sunday brunch, Piemonte-style.  And I made it myself!

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