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Don’t worry…

Top Chef recap is coming tomorrow.  I’ve only been able to watch the episode in full once, and I tend to enjoy watching it at least twice in order to capture all of the lovely minutae.  So stay tuned!


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I don’t think it’s possible to have a drearier day here in New Haven–it’s been raining all morning and it’s expected to continue through the afternoon.  While I’m thankful that it’s not snow, given that we’re driving back to PA for the holiday tomorrow, I still wish it wasn’t so grey out.  I loathe having lights on during the day (a pet peeve that Michael refuses to understand), but it’s just not possible to sit in natural light today.  Blerg.

So to counteract the weather’s dullness, I’m going to share some lightness via fashion, a topic I haven’t touched upon since the wedding due to a desire to not be tempted into shopping (as well as the fact that I’ve been hanging out in lounge clothes more often than is generally deemed acceptable).

Some recent inspiration I’ve found (especially given that I have to pack to go to PA tomorrow) after the jump. (more…)

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I know I’ve been remiss in continuing to recap our Italian adventure, but this last week wasn’t terribly inspiring for me–frustration in other quarters drained me of the urge to write anything at all.  That said, let’s get back to things.

When we were still planning some of the details of our trip, I thought I knew that I wanted us to spend a day in Milan and maybe do some serious Italian shopping.  As the time drew closer though, I wasn’t quite into it–I hadn’t had the urge to shop in a while, and the idea of spending a day shopping was seriously losing its appeal.  When Diana suggested Turin as a closer, more culturally-rich alternative, my interest was piqued and settled our decision.  She suggested driving to Asti and then taking the train from there as it would be a shorter trip (and we’d have more alternatives for departing trains) than just taking a train from Acqui.  Armed with her directions, we set off late in the morning to give it a go:



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Hooray! Another Wednesday, another episode of Top Chef. And we’re in for a doozy this week, because it’s all about the New York lunch: both the simple and the fancy.

Also: I never thought I would be typing (or saying, or THINKING) these words, but: oh, Fabio!

Of course, I’m referring to this Fabio, our Italian-via-California, whose accent Michael sometimes refers to as itinerant (I blame being in California, as from what I’ve read through Henry Hill’s adventures in the state, the Italian influence is nowhere near what it is in the Northeast). And for good measure, let me also heap some love on the SOB Finn-via-Germany (and other locations), Stefan, and the two have been dubbed “The Euro Duo”:


Images, as always, from Bravotv.com. Also: isn’t it cute? They both like soccer!

Moving onwards (spoilers follow): (more…)

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Some weekend fun:

She’s not dead.

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Episode 1: Melting Pot

The beginning of a new season of Top Chef always has its highs and lows: the excitement of a new crop of chefs to cheer for and against, and the conviction that they will never be as talented/likable/hateable as the group that preceded it. Plus, as the series grows in popularity, the premiere will always increase the number of chefs at the onset, which can make it difficult to keep them all straight…but that’s where clever editing comes in to play.

The requisite montage of the contestants descending on the city is how we open the season, and somewhat inexplicably starts at…Grand Central. Given that most of the contestants (if not all of them) are coming from locations other than those that originate along the Metro North, it’s a little strange that we’d see them wandering around the station. That said, it’s obvious why they would want them there from a filming perspective–the terminal is absolutely beautiful and is quintessentially New York.

We get a little insight into some of the contestants: the army wife and her GBF from culinary school who is still in culinary school, the Italian from Florence, the Finn who was raised in Germany (and is therefore awesome), the Hawaiian who works in Vegas, the surfer-boy in Miami who claims he has great hair (which is ridiculous, because it doesn’t hold a candle to John Stamos’) and a host of New Yorkers/New Jerseyans, among others. They all board a ferry, start sizing each other up, and start walking down a sidewalk on Governors Island to their fate–namely, Tom and Padma:


(Image from Bravotv.com)

Actual spoilers to follow: (more…)

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Our first full day in Acqui lured us to the open-air market, and entailed us exploring the city in a completely different way compared to our first evening. What was quiet, closed-up and sleepy had turned into a cacaphony of trailers, fruit and vegetable stands and tractors. And that was only in the parking lot across from Galassia, where we parked for the day.

Michael taking it all in.

Walking further into town, we encountered a second food-specific section that boasted one of the most amazing fishmonger stands I’ve ever seen:


(I didn’t want to get closer at the risk of potentially bothering other customers) (more…)

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