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In an article describing Microsoft’s newish application Photosynth, Slate’s tech writer Farhad Manjoo muses for a moment on the nature of digital photography in the modern age:

There is something vaguely embarrassing—even narcissistic—about our new era of mass photography. Because we’re always carrying cameras, we’re moved to document every moment of our lives—sometimes to the exclusion of actually experiencing that moment. Take a look at this picture of Barack and Michelle Obama at one of the inaugural balls. Everyone in the audience has a hand up with a cell phone pointed at the stage, but nobody is actually looking at what’s going on. The scene is puzzling: If the guy next to you is taking a picture—one that you can be reasonably sure will end up on a photo-sharing site somewhere—why do you need one, too? But we do this often these days. Win Butler, the lead singer of the band Arcade Fire, once told Terry Gross that he and his band mates have stopped going out into the crowd to perform because nobody pays attention to them—everyone’s got their cell phones and cameras in front of their faces.

I remember Michael mentioning something like this when he was trying to find live song videos of The Decemberists on YouTube some time ago, and that so many of the ones that were available were crappy phone-camera renditions which he found disappointing.  He also had no problem in teasing me when I took two Facebook-album’s-worth of photos from our good friends’ wedding back in August–was I really enjoying myself if I was caught up in documenting the entire day, especially as I was not the actual wedding photographer? (more…)


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Today has been…odd, with many unanswered questions still hanging.  But at least I know the answer to this one:

Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed The Earth Yet?

It’s nice to know that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

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While it’s still very much in its infancy stages, I invite all of you to check out a new blog powered by my husband and I…

Take Back Your Kitchen

It’s a celebration of dining in and eating food that is comprable, if not better, than what you can get in so many restaurants.

And here’s an obligatory teaser pic:


Buon apetitio!

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Once again it’s snowing out, but it should be turning to rain shortly if it hasn’t already, and I need some color.  Back in the spring we went to see Color Chart:  Reinventing Color from 1950 to Today at the MoMA which featured some gorgeous pieces from the museum’s collection, but they allowed no photography so I had to get this from the exhibit’s website:


It’s like looking at the paint chips in a Lowes paint section–something I’ve always found oddly soothing.

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Acqui Terme, Italy, October 11 2008, 2:16 PM.

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Over the last few months we started getting into Weeds thanks to friends of ours loaning us the first season on DVD; since then, we’ve received all three seasons and only recently finally went through all of the episodes.  There’s a lot to love about this series as evidenced by its multiple award nominations, and I am planning on eventually expounding on its hilarious take on suburban angst, but today I’m feeling a little more superficial because I find myself distracted by Nancy Botwin’s wardrobe.

The pilot episode featured a gorgeous little necklace that would make its appearance in future episodes, but is shown to its full effect during a rooftop spying session/conversation between Nancy and her son’s girlfriend:



(images from Mary-Louise Parker.net)

Usually if I draw inspiration from a show, a photograph, or a magazine, it’s pretty obvious that the final product doesn’t end up looking too much like the original; depending on what I have available to me to use, it really could look completely different.  But when I went about creating a version of this ribbon-and-bead necklace, the end results looked…well, more like the original than I thought it would.  Being a prototype it certainly lacked the craftsmanship of the original, but overall I was pretty pleased:


Naturally, I wouldn’t ever sell something like this, but I’m always pleased when something in my mind comes to fruition in front of me.  Now I just need to get sketching…

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Penny tagged me on Friday on this nifty little meme and I have been itching to do it when my laptop came home.  Well, it’s home now, and the rules for this are as follows:

  • Go to the fourth folder on your computer where you keep your photographs.
  • Choose the 4th picture.
  • Explain it.
  • Tag four other people.

Here’s mine:


At the beginning of November, back in 2007, Michael, our friend Timmy and I were slated to go to Boston to go see The Decemberists in two shows as part of their Long and Short Of It tour.  And then one of the band members got “sick” or something and they canceled the entire tour the night we were leaving to head up there and stay with a friend of a friend.

We obviously ended up going there anyway and had a fabulous time–that night we went to a pub in downtown Boston that had a whole selection of board games, met up with a friend from high school, and around 1:30 AM I took this picture when said friend and I walked across the street to hit up the ATM.  I love how the Citgo sign appears to be floating in mid air…

And with that, I tag Kallipher, Diana (even though she is on siesta right now), Sara, and Nicky.

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