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Neither Michael nor I watched Top Chef in its first season–we had heard that the host, Katie Lee Joel (wife of Billy, married at the ripe old age of 22 and a few months older than I am) was stilted and horrible. Unfortunately, this meant that we did miss out on watching some interesting episodes–notably, the Napa Valley challenge that involved the final four chefs working with black truffles in a way that would pair well with Shaffer Vineyard’s 2001 Cabernet, known amongst that set as a highly prized and very rare wine. Despite the wooden delivery of Mrs. Joel, it’s a great episode and watching the contestants drive through Napa in the fall was the appropriate inspiration to recount our afternoon of hiking in the neighboring vineyards along the regione Valloria.

Besides, Napa ain’t got nothing on Piemonte. Niente.

We were directed to a few paths to take with strict instructions to ignore the “Strada Privata” signs all over the place. While I normally wouldn’t have a problem with this, the day before, on walking back from town, we definitely heard a rifle go off on one of the properties that we would ultimately visit (likely shooting a rabbit, or quail, or something similar) and needless to say, we had a little bit of the heebie-jeebies.

So why don’t you come trespassing with us!




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