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I caught the annual airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas tonight, and something hit me anew as I was watching the famous interchange between Lucy and Schroeder as she tells him to play “Jingle Bells”; that is, the fact that his beloved piano’s keys were painted on and in theory did not produce music.  Was it the power of his imagination, combined with his love of Beethoven that made the music come through on his piano?

Ponder with me, if you will, the infamous “Jingle Bells” exchange: (more…)

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In honor of Halloween, I’m watching my favorite commentary on the holiday (at least from the perspective of the ladies):  Mean Girls

A low-quality mashup of this scene can be seen here:

Or you can practice your Italian listening comprehension here, which I find completely awesome:

And for something a little more wholesome, some of my favorite moments from It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:

Between Snoopy’s stiff upper lip to Sally’s tirade, how can you not love this?

Happy Halloween!

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Just a little classic Sesame Street animation and Phillip Glass to start your day:


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One particularly late night sophomore year my roommate and I were flipping through the channels, looking for something to nod off to around 1:30 AM, when we stumbled onto some classic 60’s cartoons from Chuck Jones that didn’t feature Bugs Bunny and his ilk or Tom & Jerry for that matter.  Needless to say, we were enraptured. Fast forward, oh, six years, and an afternoon of poking around You Tube will yield the following: 

Easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing cartoons ever made (it won an Oscar back when those things actually meant something), and based on a children’s book written by the same author who brought you The Phantom Tollbooth.  


Caitlin found this cartoon to be of the Dadaist persuasion, and I always agreed with her.  There’s not much else that can be said about it, really, except that it also embraces my love of fonts. 

Until that night I had never seen this cartoon, but I loved it for its strangeness, its visual appeal and its clear wit.  Sure, it’s a random memory, but what are our memories but to infiltrate themselves at the silliest opportunity?

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