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This photo from Garance Doré has been making the rounds on some of my favorite blogs, but it’s just so fantastic that it definitely bears repeating:



This image was in my mind in deciding what to wear to a meeting yesterday, and the color brightened my mood so considerably that it’ll be part of my outfit for a Valentine’s Day party we’re headed to tonight as it would feel kind of strange to don all black when, well, I’m not single.  Since all of the snow has mostly melted here, it also finally feels more appropriate to wear springtime colors.

Of course, since I’ve written that, we’ll probably get a foot of snow sometime next week…but at least my new wellies are on the way.


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Once again it’s snowing out, but it should be turning to rain shortly if it hasn’t already, and I need some color.  Back in the spring we went to see Color Chart:  Reinventing Color from 1950 to Today at the MoMA which featured some gorgeous pieces from the museum’s collection, but they allowed no photography so I had to get this from the exhibit’s website:


It’s like looking at the paint chips in a Lowes paint section–something I’ve always found oddly soothing.

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Suddenly having a large amount of time on one’s hands can open up avenues for projects that may have been either rushed or completely neglected otherwise.  It also allows me time to pull out movies that I would otherwise never watch–including one of my favorites, Great Expectations.

Mind you, I find the script to be rather dreadful, but everything else–the visual style, the art direction, the costumes, the soundtrack, the sets, even some of the performances–drew me in from the first time I saw it and compells me to revisit it on occassion to this day.  It was during that impressionable time in my life when I was watching some of the best of the Gwyneth Paltrow vehicles–Emma, Sliding Doors, The Talented Mr. Ripley–and it was when I was completely smitten with her and specifically her on-screen wardrobes.


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(Yes, I know, it’s not terribly original.  Blame it on the excess sun I got today.)

My neighborhood is rather uniqe in that it boasts a lot of vibrantly colored houses, and given that today is just freaking gorgeous out and we had a nice afternoon to ourselves, we first played some tennis, then we headed down the way to run some errands (including picking up wedding rings) but really for me to take pictures.

To start, my neighborhood is known as East Rock, because of this big ol’ rock right here:

There is one on the other side of town known as West Rock.  Terribly original, yes?

Anyway, on to the tour.  Enjoy! (more…)

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Damn you, MoMA, for tempting me with your endless exhibits on things I like–first fonts, now color?


(Color Chart:  At the MoMA until May 12)

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It appears that Pantone has been either listening to a lot of Billie Holiday since the new millennium or its members have spent large amounts of time on the water: 

Color of the Year (from NY Times sidebar), 2000-2008:



 Cerulean Blue: Chosen for the millennium for its calming zen state of mind. 



Aqua Sky: A cool blue meant to restore hope and serenity.



Blue Turquoise: Another reversal to a calming shade.



Blue Iris: A mix of blue and purple that suggests dependability and magic.  

On second thought, perhaps it’s better to just get what they’re on.


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