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I heartily enjoy anyone who can offer a scathingly hysterical send up of how marketers target women, so Sarah Haskin’s series on Current TV called, appropriately, Target Women was one I immediately took a shine to, and for anyone out there who needs a five minute brain break, I highly reccommend you check them out.  Fortunately, my friend Nicky over at XSquaredCurve has so conveniently posted all of them as they become available, so check it out!

Just don’t laugh too hard at your desk…

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On Wednesday Penny posed a question that made me giggle with glee:  how do you shop? As someone who is in market research and also a self-professed retail nerd, this is a question I can’t help but “ask” (and by ask, I mean pay attention to what others are buying when I’m in a store) on a regular basis.  At the grocery store I am that person that watches what you scan at the checkout and tries to guess if it’s for a specific occasion or your weekly needs–and usually, the shopping carts that fascinate me the most are those of the college kids who take their school’s shuttle to our Stop & Shop and who are usually there when we are, mostly because they are often the most random.

But what about my shopping cart?  If you’d like to know, join me after the jump.  If this will bore you to tears, move along! (more…)

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Acqui Terme, Italy.  October 11, 2008, 2:24 PM.

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Looking for a nifty gifty that gives back?  Buy a vintage Tide tee to benefit Loads Of Hope, which is a Tide-sponsored truck that provides free laundry service to those affected by natural disasters.

In other words, think of the comfort a whiff of freshly laundered sheets and towels can be to a family in need.

If you’re in Philly and looking for other charities to contribute to during the holidays, Philabundance is the local food bank that is quite amazing, and Project H.O.M.E. is dedicated to getting the homeless out of the streets and into a home and a job. 

And if you can’t give now, give when you can, because charity needs last long beyond November through January.

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This is a fantastic screed against shitty graphic design. There’s lots of f-bombs being thrown about, but he’s totally correct in doing so.

I’m really going to miss passing 50’s-era motor inn signs in the future, especially if what’s replacing it is this 70’s era crap. Between just driving around with my dad going to train shows to driving through central PA due to marching band cavalcades and indoor drumline competitions, these signs have been fantastic visual landmarks for me. The second they are replaced with crap…it marks the end of an era.

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Watching the Mad Men finale, and so many things come to mind:

  • I am a lady who is a combination of:

Rachel Menken


Midge Daniels (on the right)

with a little dash of

Joan Holloway (naturally–I have curves, after all)


Betts Draper.  Always a little bit of Elizabeth Draper.

  • For further reading/insight into the episode, I urge you to read this.

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This is easily the most offensive commercial out there right now–at least to anyone who takes a modicum of pride in making healthy, whole meals:

A post on Jezebel poking fun at Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP website–specifically a soy-based meal she touts as being affordable–reminded me of this horrifing spot.  No, silly viewers, you can’t get everything you need to make deep-fried chicken for under $10–but honestly, why would you want to?  A meal consisting of chicken, grease and salt shouldn’t be part of your normal culinary repitoire–besides, the entire conceit is flawed because if you don’t have flour on hand, you’re sure as not going to have a deep fryer at your disposal.

Advertising FAIL.

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