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Max e Murphy;

So I lied.  I promised a Top Chef recap, and I’ve yet to deliver, and will remedy this tomorrow.  In the meantime, can I offer some puppies (in spirit, if not in age) as a concession?

I’ve been meaning to write about Max, the dog Michael is referring to when he tells our friends and family back home that “he likes dogs in Italy.”  Max is a very special dog–cheerful, affectionate, intelligent, and loyal as hell.  The fact that the afternoon we set out for our walk and he kept following us (despite many, many attempts at Diana, Michael and I to dissuade him) shows that he is nothing if not smarter than we all give him credit.  He is the one-dog greeting company at Baur B&B, and he’s happy to sit by you so long as you scratch behind his ears.  Michael made such an impression upon him that on our last afternoon at the B&B, Max heard his voice as we arrived at the base of the hill and barked–to which I sad “he totally heard you talk, you with the instantly recognizable voice”–and was proven correct by the yellow Lab torpedo that came out at us halfway up the hill.  He’s a pretty awesome dog, all in all.

While we were there, Michael kept telling Max how much smarter and less slobbery he was compared to my parents’ dog Murphy, who will turn 10 in March.  Michael’s first encounter with Murphy was a few months after we picked him up over that Memorial Day weekend, when he was still technically a puppy, and he came over to work on an AP English project.  Long story short–he came in, Murphy got really excited, and they literally met eye-to-eye when Murphy flung himself into Michael’s arms.  It was pretty fucking hilarious at the time, and the image remains so to this day.

So let me give you some puppeh porn, in the vein of I Can Haz Cheezburger–well, in the actual spirit of the site, as I generated some LOLDog images of both Max and Murphy.

First, I offer the latter, as he is not into getting his picture taken:


And to be fair, one of my favorite Max pictures from our vacation–Diana called up to us and informed us that MIchael’s preferred patio seat had been “taken”:


Some unadulturated pictures after the jump: (more…)


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