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It’s a little ridiculous, as my husband would say, how much Nancy Botwin has influenced my style lately–I’m shopping at Anthropologie and American Apparel, embroidery and ruffles aren’t necessarily verboten anymore, and I bought two pink tees.  Pink is not a color I wear–living in a room colored in the stuff is enough to set anyone off of it–but MLP/Nancy convinced me that both light pink and fuschia are colors that I can actually pull off.  Go figure.

To give you an idea of what’s haunted me on a satorial level, check out the following: (more…)

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Soir de fete;

One of my only serious designer indulgences over the past few years has been Hermès pocket squares–while I love the silk scarves, I have yet to figure out how I could realistically wear one that would justify their insane cost.  My tidy collection of squares instead give me great options to wear in my hair or on a purse, plus the husband can wear one of the solid-color versions with his suits (therefore negating their cost even further).  Given that I avoid logo bags, expensive jeans or triple-digit shoes, I’m OK with indulging in a little scarf now and again.

It’s been ages that I’ve purchased one, of course, but I always love checking in on the new patterns that the luxury chain has to offer, and I especially love seeing creative ways of wearing the scarves (especially since I refuse to buy one until I can realistically say that I will actually wear it).  Enter Benjamin Nitot and his series of gorgeous women and men wearing Hermes silk (as found via Hebden) and it makes you want to pull out any scarves and channel a film ingenue:



(via nitot.org)

Of course, the day I want to start busting out the scarves is the day that it’s rainy and even a little snowy–due to their vegetable-based dyes, it’s strongly encouraged you to not get them even a little bit wet.

But the spring, it is a-coming….

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I’ve been a fan of Lutz & Patmos for quite a while–eventually I’d like to have one of their supersoft cashmere sweaters–and their fall 09 collection, presented yesterday, did much to further cement my love of the line.

A combination of slouchy knits that beg to be snuggled in around the house and day ensembles that look refined without being too stuffy, it’s by far one of the more personally inspiring lines I’ve seen so far.  Between the stripes and the artful layering, my imaginary shopping cart was getting quite full as I clicked through the mere 16 photos on Style.com.

Some of my favorites:






photos from style.com

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(listen here)

This photo from Garance Doré has been making the rounds on some of my favorite blogs, but it’s just so fantastic that it definitely bears repeating:



This image was in my mind in deciding what to wear to a meeting yesterday, and the color brightened my mood so considerably that it’ll be part of my outfit for a Valentine’s Day party we’re headed to tonight as it would feel kind of strange to don all black when, well, I’m not single.  Since all of the snow has mostly melted here, it also finally feels more appropriate to wear springtime colors.

Of course, since I’ve written that, we’ll probably get a foot of snow sometime next week…but at least my new wellies are on the way.

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On Wednesday Penny posed a question that made me giggle with glee:  how do you shop? As someone who is in market research and also a self-professed retail nerd, this is a question I can’t help but “ask” (and by ask, I mean pay attention to what others are buying when I’m in a store) on a regular basis.  At the grocery store I am that person that watches what you scan at the checkout and tries to guess if it’s for a specific occasion or your weekly needs–and usually, the shopping carts that fascinate me the most are those of the college kids who take their school’s shuttle to our Stop & Shop and who are usually there when we are, mostly because they are often the most random.

But what about my shopping cart?  If you’d like to know, join me after the jump.  If this will bore you to tears, move along! (more…)

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One of my favorite sources for independent fashion designers and the like is Refinery 29, and their blog encapsulates everything about style that I love, but maybe don’t have the resources to cover.  One of my favorite features is Screen Shot which highlights a fashionable character from the screen–the key here is that they focus on lesser-seen films, usually European in origin.

Yesterday they profiled the German film Chinese Roulette, and Anna Karina’s wardrobe is something to be admired:  dramatic, bohemian, with enough metallics and headscarves to create an armor of sorts that could help her ward off the machinations of a weekend in Munich (at least according to the IMDB description):




(images from Refinery29; they also suggest some lovely ways to recreate this look)

So now I’m naturally intrigued to rent this movie–we have a fabulous independent video store that specializes in art house flicks and foreign films, so if anyone can kindly reccommend it, I’ll drag us to Best Video this weekend to see it.

In the meantime, it would be a strange-yet-fabulous way of stepping out for a Valentines Day event, don’t you think?

(Aside:  when I try to get the husband to watch many classic American films, he ends up hating them; I get him to watch La Dolce Vita and he was utterly transfixed.  It’s clear what I can put that Amazon Rewards towards, as I have a little wishlist of Italian and French films to see…)

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Blue in green;

It’s been a hectic few days here:  two interviews in two days, a thank-you-note writing blitz, and well…that’s it.  But it’s enough.

Our friends who came over for dinner a few weeks ago to hang out and watch Mad Men are going to do so again on Friday, and L and I want to wear period-evocative clothes while we sip Martinis and get lost in the ennui that is the life at Sterling Cooper.  Our husbands are not quite as amenable to it, even after showing this awesome and completely random before and after shoot done at a London ad agency aping the style of the early sixties for the Times of London’s style section.

The before (which is what you find in EVERY freaking ad agency now, so the fact that it’s in London is irrevelant):


Yep, that’s pretty much par for the course.

But here is the after:


I’m only really getting a MM-vibe from the woman in the purple dress (and I loathe the lepoard print to the far left), but the men do improve with the formal clothes.

Just a little fluff to help us all going through Mad Men withdrawl–and now I’m determined to wear a cute, tight little skirt on Friday…

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