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Guido e Luisa;

UPDATE: To see the meal we enjoyed while watching 8 1/2, click here.

As I mentioned last week, on Saturday we decided to base our meal around the movie we were to watch that evening, 8 1/2. For anyone struggling in the creative process, it’s a fantastic film to indulge in, as the lines between Guido Anselmi’s memories, fantasies and reality were so thoroughly smudged as to make a very strange narrative that anyone who appreciates A Christmas Story would instantly love.  While not as immediately comedic for anyone not fluent in Italian, the frustration of its main character are immediately apparent to anyone of an artistic disposition.  To write with authority on this topic requires more than one viewing of the film–one of the reasons why it’s now on my media shelf as well as why I am not trying to expound on its deeper themes.

The visual style of the film struck a more primal aesthetic reaction from me, both in how Fellini filmed his surroundings as well as how he dressed his actors–it’s immediately stylish in a haute way, but it is inspiring in embodying an impossibly cool mid-20th century European “look”.

You look at these screenshots and say you don’t want to recreate them in your mind (or in your wardrobe):













I’d like to mull more over this film and its more cereberal aspects–but that is another day and another viewing (which will be soon).

As for the food we enjoyed, well that will be revealed in good time.


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New Haven CT, July 1 2007, 3:12PM.  During the week or so that New Haven was turned into the city of Bedford for the Indiana Jones 4 shoot a few summers ago.

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Tw Cen MT is not Futura;

Probably the creepiest usage of Futura ever.

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Since we decided to go to a party on Valentine’s Day to mix things up a bit, Saturday will be our designated night of staying in and making dinner, our normal way of marking the holiday.

I proposed to add a twist to the festivities, however–using a rewards certificate from Amazon.com, I managed to get a copy of Fellini’s 8 1/2 after seeing how much we both enjoyed watching La Dolce Vita a few months ago.  Given that it was filmed in and around Rome, we’re going to try some Roman dishes and sip on some Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (which, by the by, is becoming more prevalent here in the States and is an extremely well-priced Italian red compared to others, but that’s another post).

Here’s the original film trailer to set the mood:

Some initial thoughts for meal ideas include Roman-style lamb, bucatini alla’amatricana, and stracciatella alla Romana, but other suggestions are  more than welcome in the comments.

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One of my favorite sources for independent fashion designers and the like is Refinery 29, and their blog encapsulates everything about style that I love, but maybe don’t have the resources to cover.  One of my favorite features is Screen Shot which highlights a fashionable character from the screen–the key here is that they focus on lesser-seen films, usually European in origin.

Yesterday they profiled the German film Chinese Roulette, and Anna Karina’s wardrobe is something to be admired:  dramatic, bohemian, with enough metallics and headscarves to create an armor of sorts that could help her ward off the machinations of a weekend in Munich (at least according to the IMDB description):




(images from Refinery29; they also suggest some lovely ways to recreate this look)

So now I’m naturally intrigued to rent this movie–we have a fabulous independent video store that specializes in art house flicks and foreign films, so if anyone can kindly reccommend it, I’ll drag us to Best Video this weekend to see it.

In the meantime, it would be a strange-yet-fabulous way of stepping out for a Valentines Day event, don’t you think?

(Aside:  when I try to get the husband to watch many classic American films, he ends up hating them; I get him to watch La Dolce Vita and he was utterly transfixed.  It’s clear what I can put that Amazon Rewards towards, as I have a little wishlist of Italian and French films to see…)

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I caught the annual airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas tonight, and something hit me anew as I was watching the famous interchange between Lucy and Schroeder as she tells him to play “Jingle Bells”; that is, the fact that his beloved piano’s keys were painted on and in theory did not produce music.  Was it the power of his imagination, combined with his love of Beethoven that made the music come through on his piano?

Ponder with me, if you will, the infamous “Jingle Bells” exchange: (more…)

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In honor of Halloween, I’m watching my favorite commentary on the holiday (at least from the perspective of the ladies):  Mean Girls

A low-quality mashup of this scene can be seen here:

Or you can practice your Italian listening comprehension here, which I find completely awesome:

And for something a little more wholesome, some of my favorite moments from It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:

Between Snoopy’s stiff upper lip to Sally’s tirade, how can you not love this?

Happy Halloween!

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