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I’m taking a teeny breather from posting Italy photos to share Eddie Ross’s blog with you.  He’s a contestant on the second season of Top Design (which I need to start watching as it seems it’s been significantly improved since the first season seemingly eons ago) and a Martha Stewart acolyte.  His aesthetic is repurposed thrift-store chic–and in today’s uncertain climate (as well as paying more attention to reducing, reusing and recycling) it’s refreshing to see someone embrace vintage so openly, but also without artifice.  Happy to trawl through Goodwills and Salvation Army stores, he sees the potential in amazing items and watching his creative process through a short series of photos is quite astounding.

Currently looking for houses with his partner, a recent post detailed a visit to three unique possibilities, but it was when I saw this that I felt compelled to write about it:

(From Eddie Ross.com)

I was immediately transported back a few years ago to college, and to our friends’ house a few blocks away from campus where Michael and I spent many a weekend cooking dinner for eighteen of our closest friends, going to a themed party (Spies & Generals, anyone?) or enjoying cocktails out of gorgeous vintage glasses.  We used a stove very similar to this to make a giant pot of marinara–usually on a Thursday night that entailed raw garlic being consumed and various sherries and ports being poured into the sauce. 

We’d also go on thrift store hunts ourselves–our friend J had an internship at the Germantown Historical Society, and in the vicinity he found a fantastic thrift store that boasted some of our most notable finds, including some fluted shot glasses made of this gorgeous, heavy glass and my 1983 SEPTA map that was listed at $5, but that day was 50% off.  Score.

Eddie’s work speaks to me so because it seems that the reigning “right” look for many homes is a forced faux-spartanism that I’ve railed on recently, and his approach flies so smartly in the face of that.  It’s less Zaha Hadid (seriously, she lives the minimalist lifestyle they lampoon on AbFab back in the 90’s) and more like the Glass family apartment as imagined by J.D. Salinger.  And with the world being a strange, kind of scary place right now, a little quirk complete with the patina of age is something we can all use right now.

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It’s the first really brisk day of the fall today, and I have the house to myself all afternoon (which, when I was working, was a novel experience.  Now I just call it regular).  Yesterday we spent running errands–food shopping, wine shopping (the BevMax in Hamden is fabulous when you want to get the best prices on your favorite bottles), and going to one of my favorite stores–IKEA.

I fucking love IKEA.  The moment I had a reason to buy furniture, I was plotting my first trip to the Conshohocken store, and haven’t looked back since.  The sheer number of BILLY bookcases in our apartment is testament to that fact.  But what i love about the store, even more than the inexpensive DIY furniture, is the showroom that you’re ushured into upon entrance.  More than most home stores, instead of just showing you the merchandise artfully on shelves and other displays, IKEA wants you to visualize how combinations can work together–notably in small spaces.

In other words, they want you to think cubic. (more…)

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Arial is not Helvetica;

Our entrance foyer, 9:30 this morning.  Pardon the flash–it’s a grey day here in the Have, and the natural lighting sucks.

One of the consequences of getting married when you don’t live in a home with many rooms is that you’re sent boxes of things, and you’re forced to get a little creative in figuring out where to store all of them.  Especially when you aren’t anticipating the usage of most of them until the next home you live in, such as the fancier china, or the nicer platters (I swear, they will all prove useful once we start entertaining again on a regular basis!), but there are other gifts like our espresso machine that will be taken out and used immediately, and we have to figure out where they’re going to go. (more…)

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