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Not sure where we picked it up, but neither Michael nor I have been feeling all that great this week…hence the lack of activity.  That said, we’re expecting our first signficant snow since February (the one that derailed me in the wilds of Chicagoland for a weekend), and therefore are expecting to be relatively shut-in save for a trek to Archie’s tonight, and venturing out to Romeo’s for provisions for our meals for the rest of the weekend.

Fortunately, even though the snow hasn’t started yet, CT DOT has been out in force treating the roads, which should hopefully make plowing later significantly easier.  We’re lucky in that all of our major needs are within two blocks, and we have a watering hole a little further out if we get sick of only talking to each other.

A bonus, though, is that being housebound over a weekend is that it encourages you to indulge in activities that during the week seem a little lazy to engage in–because if you’re not at work, you’re glued to your computer looking for work.  Now I can look for inspiration instead, so look for more activity to come.


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