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Blue in green;

It’s been a hectic few days here:  two interviews in two days, a thank-you-note writing blitz, and well…that’s it.  But it’s enough.

Our friends who came over for dinner a few weeks ago to hang out and watch Mad Men are going to do so again on Friday, and L and I want to wear period-evocative clothes while we sip Martinis and get lost in the ennui that is the life at Sterling Cooper.  Our husbands are not quite as amenable to it, even after showing this awesome and completely random before and after shoot done at a London ad agency aping the style of the early sixties for the Times of London’s style section.

The before (which is what you find in EVERY freaking ad agency now, so the fact that it’s in London is irrevelant):


Yep, that’s pretty much par for the course.

But here is the after:


I’m only really getting a MM-vibe from the woman in the purple dress (and I loathe the lepoard print to the far left), but the men do improve with the formal clothes.

Just a little fluff to help us all going through Mad Men withdrawl–and now I’m determined to wear a cute, tight little skirt on Friday…

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