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A map, courtesy of Google, of Acqui.  Fitting in part due to the fact that my most popular post is dedicated to transit cartography.

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In honor of the fact that this blog gets by far the most hits from people looking for transit maps (specifically, for some reason, Milan), here is Massimo Vingelli’s updated vision for the MTA Subway map for New York City, courtesy of Men’s Vogue:

 More images can be found here.

I’m completely drooling, and I’m very tempted to go to the MTA’s online Transit Museum store and order a print of the original.  Some people collect art–I collect transit maps.

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New York magazine’s latest issue boasts a review of some of the most important design revolutionaries in the city’s recent history, with a focus on names that are perhaps not ones tossed about at home, but whose contributions have permanent imprints on the visual landscape.  It is only natural, then, that such a homage must include a nod to Massimo and Lella Vignelli, creators of not only the American Airlines’ “brand identity” but perhaps more importantly the instantly recognizable New York City subway system map.  I’ve mentioned them before only a few weeks ago, as their work was part of the “Helvetica:  50 Years” retrospective at the MoMA, but because I cannot get enough of gazing at the elegant, abstract simplicity of their 1973 map, I’m posting it here:

 map071029_560.jpg I won’t try to regurgitate the article; you can read it here if you like.  But this technique, aped from the London Underground maps and still in use today, has turned the otherwise dull transit map into some of the most aesthetically pleasing maps out there: 

Philadelphia’s SEPTA map (1980):


Washington Metro Rail Map:


 Milan Metro Map:


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