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In the five years I’ve either lived or visited New Haven, I had never found an opportunity to visit Louis’ Lunch, the famous, teeny joint whose claim to fame is having served the first hamburger.  It’s right across the street from BAR, which is one of my favorite restaurants thanks to its delicious, cheap pizza and delicious, cheap house beers, and usually when we’re in that part of the city it’s to go to get pizza instead of hamburgers.  But while we were out on Friday celebrating a good friend’s successful thesis defense, our buddy C proposed a quick trip across the street for no other reason other than none of us had been there, and it’s a piece of New Haven’s culinary history.

Care to check it out?


Front façade of the building, which is charmingly small and is the establishment’s fourth location after having a lunch wagon in two parts of New Haven and a tannery which has since been demolished.



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New Haven CT, July 1 2007, 3:12PM.  During the week or so that New Haven was turned into the city of Bedford for the Indiana Jones 4 shoot a few summers ago.

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Yale campus, September 9, 2008, 1:51 PM.

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It’s miserable out–grey, wet, icy and shitty–and I’m here listening to two plumbers rip out my toilet to fix a giant crack that’s leaking…something into the basement section underneath the pharmacy below us, and therefore we will be without a toilet until at least tomorrow.  Add to that a sizable 1/5th of our bedroom celing that collapsed while we were away for the holidays due to the roof leaking (water was literally pouring into one corner of our bedroom the morning we left that is still not fixed, and you can see that I am far from being a happy camper.

So here’s a pretty picture taken on the Regione Valloria:


UPDATE: Right after I posted this, the plumber told us that we would be losing our shower as well.  Fuck.

UPDATE #2: Yep, not allowed to run any water now.

UPDATE #3: We’re in a hotel room–and had to drive out in the less-than-stellar weather to do so–because our landlord insisted on us staying here.  Please hope along with us that this is the only night we have to do this…blerg!

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Or:  Loving Darden and Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants

I consider myself extremely lucky:  when I want to go out to eat, I have an amazing variety of local restaurants to visit here in good old New Haven.  If I want wings, I go to Archie Moores; great pizza and beer, I go to BAR and sit at the bar with my husband; if I want tapas and wine Barcelona is perfect;  Pacifico is a paradise of seafood and nuevo Latino cuisine combined, and Miya’s redefines what we consider sushi, albeit at a price.  Realistically, given the number of spots per square mile of the city alone, any normal food enthusiast would have no reason to venture outwards, to “explore” the suburbs of the little metropolitan area given the plethora of options at their feet–of course, given that they had the income to do so.

But you know what?  Sometimes it’s fun to venture out from the motherland, as I learned both this weekend in addition to my time in Oak Brook Illinois…but details follow after the jump:


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Not sure where we picked it up, but neither Michael nor I have been feeling all that great this week…hence the lack of activity.  That said, we’re expecting our first signficant snow since February (the one that derailed me in the wilds of Chicagoland for a weekend), and therefore are expecting to be relatively shut-in save for a trek to Archie’s tonight, and venturing out to Romeo’s for provisions for our meals for the rest of the weekend.

Fortunately, even though the snow hasn’t started yet, CT DOT has been out in force treating the roads, which should hopefully make plowing later significantly easier.  We’re lucky in that all of our major needs are within two blocks, and we have a watering hole a little further out if we get sick of only talking to each other.

A bonus, though, is that being housebound over a weekend is that it encourages you to indulge in activities that during the week seem a little lazy to engage in–because if you’re not at work, you’re glued to your computer looking for work.  Now I can look for inspiration instead, so look for more activity to come.

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La strada arancia;

Due to some issues with the computer freezing up (damn updates), this didn’t get posted this morning, but I wanted to share it anyway:

Technically, I shouldn’t be writing this right now, but thanks to the longest 1-mile backup in recent memory on I-91 this morning, I’m out of jury duty until March.  Seriously, I spent a solid 45 minutes sitting there like a schnuck.  Fortunately, the clerk’s office was more than gracious in rescheduling me, so…win-win.

The sun came out as I was making my way back in the Have, and I was inspired to head down to East Rock Park to take some autumn-in-New-England-leaf-peeper shots.  It was something I always meant to do, but normally it’s driving through the park en route to grocery shopping (perhaps this weekend I will try to capture some shots) and I just never think of whipping out the camera.

So in a day of changing colors, both of the leaves and in Washington, D.C., I give you this:



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