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It’s a little ridiculous, as my husband would say, how much Nancy Botwin has influenced my style lately–I’m shopping at Anthropologie and American Apparel, embroidery and ruffles aren’t necessarily verboten anymore, and I bought two pink tees.  Pink is not a color I wear–living in a room colored in the stuff is enough to set anyone off of it–but MLP/Nancy convinced me that both light pink and fuschia are colors that I can actually pull off.  Go figure.

To give you an idea of what’s haunted me on a satorial level, check out the following: (more…)


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Tuesday afternoon while reading swissmiss I learned that the MoMA has recently installed a temporary exhibit in the Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street (I love those street names, by the way) station in Brooklyn called MoMA Atlantic Pacific:


It’s meant to add art to a subway station for a monthlong period, but it’s also clear that it’s meant to drum up new memberships, as clearly shown by the $75/Become a Member! hot pink bubble near the top of the page.  Naturally I cannot fault them for trying to drive interest in their museum among a key local demographic–young, often creative or creative-minded professionals who are close enough to Manhattan that a subway ride isn’t that much of a reach–but I do wish that they would do projects like this more often, especially in subway stations that tourists might encounter but aren’t the most obvious–even at the one closest to the museum, itself.  It could serve as an extremely effective advertisement, of course, but also as an art-minded amuse bouche, with the focus naturally shifting to the eye.

Hopefully this will be the first in many of these kinds of installations–dare I suggest that perhaps a few could pop up along the Metro-North as well?

Here are some of the artworks on view through March; you can also visit the whole exhibit here:


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I’ve been a fan of Lutz & Patmos for quite a while–eventually I’d like to have one of their supersoft cashmere sweaters–and their fall 09 collection, presented yesterday, did much to further cement my love of the line.

A combination of slouchy knits that beg to be snuggled in around the house and day ensembles that look refined without being too stuffy, it’s by far one of the more personally inspiring lines I’ve seen so far.  Between the stripes and the artful layering, my imaginary shopping cart was getting quite full as I clicked through the mere 16 photos on Style.com.

Some of my favorites:






photos from style.com

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New York City, September 2004.

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Once again it’s snowing out, but it should be turning to rain shortly if it hasn’t already, and I need some color.  Back in the spring we went to see Color Chart:  Reinventing Color from 1950 to Today at the MoMA which featured some gorgeous pieces from the museum’s collection, but they allowed no photography so I had to get this from the exhibit’s website:


It’s like looking at the paint chips in a Lowes paint section–something I’ve always found oddly soothing.

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We’re in the process of closing up the apartment and getting ready to hit the rails, so posting will be sporadic at best and erratic at worst.  But believe me, come October 13th I will have much to discuss.


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A recent post from Miss Shortcake over at Our Little Haus (for some reason, my browser isn’t allowing me to embed links–her blog is on my roll to the right) reminded me that I completely forgot to post photos that I took during my recent trip back to Pennsylvania on Amtrak–on September 11th, no less.  I was in a bit of a strange mood that day–it was the first time I had gone to Union Station since Monday, and it was so surreal to stand on the platform, watching Metro-North trains pull in and depart and to hear their whistles, a sound I had become so accustomed to hearing over the last year and a half-plus.  Added to that the fact that I can get rather introspective and moody when going down to PA by myself on the train–reminiscent of too many depressing Sunday afternoon/evening rides home after visiting Michael–it was an odd trip home.

Oh, and also that it was the anniversary of September 11th certainly infiltrated my mind as well.


I couldn’t bear to take any shots of my old commute that day–it was just too strange.  But moving along:


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