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Over the last few months we started getting into Weeds thanks to friends of ours loaning us the first season on DVD; since then, we’ve received all three seasons and only recently finally went through all of the episodes.  There’s a lot to love about this series as evidenced by its multiple award nominations, and I am planning on eventually expounding on its hilarious take on suburban angst, but today I’m feeling a little more superficial because I find myself distracted by Nancy Botwin’s wardrobe.

The pilot episode featured a gorgeous little necklace that would make its appearance in future episodes, but is shown to its full effect during a rooftop spying session/conversation between Nancy and her son’s girlfriend:



(images from Mary-Louise Parker.net)

Usually if I draw inspiration from a show, a photograph, or a magazine, it’s pretty obvious that the final product doesn’t end up looking too much like the original; depending on what I have available to me to use, it really could look completely different.  But when I went about creating a version of this ribbon-and-bead necklace, the end results looked…well, more like the original than I thought it would.  Being a prototype it certainly lacked the craftsmanship of the original, but overall I was pretty pleased:


Naturally, I wouldn’t ever sell something like this, but I’m always pleased when something in my mind comes to fruition in front of me.  Now I just need to get sketching…


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A few months ago, one of my favorite style bloggers wrote about her search to find a bracelet with some timeless elements–she preferred either a gold or brassy metal–but with a dash of wit to reflect her personal style.  She finally decided on this gorgeous talon cuff from Pamela Love, a New York-based desginer who specializes in animal-inspired pieces:


Image from Style, a Work in Progress  (link to the right)

I have to say that the design intrigued me to no end, and when I saw Julia Restoin-Roitfeld’s cuff in the Fall ’08 Gap ads, I realized that I loved the idea of having a claw or talon surrounding my wrist:  it’s oddly grotesque but fits into my jewelry philosophy of wearing something kind of strange that also somehow works:


Image from Fashionologie

So my new project is figuring out how to re-interpret this motif using a much more wallet-friendly material–but that is for another day…

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Reading all of Diana’s potting exploits over at creative structures (http://creativestructures.blogspot.com) over the past few months stealthily entered my brain, I think, because I have a very powerful urge to start not only making beaded jewelry, but also playing with clay–specifically making some clay versions of gorgeous metal cuffs I have seen recently.

More importantly, it might be time to start selling some of it.  Anyone out there with Etsy or similar who wouldn’t mind sharing their experiences in the comments?

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Few things intimidate me more (creatively speaking) than a few yards of fabric, unfurled in all its glory on the floor or a bed or similar.  With many of the creative projects I undertake, generally there is plenty of room for error, or at least reimagining:  it’s easy to disassemble a necklace and restring the beads, a botched sketch can be thrown away and started anew on a fresh page, ridiculous verse or prose can be deleted with a few keystrokes.  But fabric is decidedly different; one bad snip and the entire piece could be ruined. 

For this reason (in addition to not owning a sewing machine), I don’t take on many fabric-related projects.  I was never terribly prolific, mind you—just some pillows, random stuffed animals, and doll clothes back when I was very little, and a yoga bag constructed junior year of college—but not having a machine to make strong, even stitches makes me wary of creating anything that needs to, well, hold up to anything.  Or look particularly neat.  Or see the light of day.  It was last year, though, after Michael and I moved in together and we bought things like curtains that a solution was presented to me, at least for some basic crafts:  fabric tape, or the iron-on solution. 

Whenever we travel to IKEA (not really much of a journey, mind you, as it’s about ten minutes away) I have to stop in the textiles section and admire the rugs and bolts of reasonably-priced fabrics, mostly because they all have such a strong graphic appeal, unlike what is available at most chain fabric stores.  I wasn’t really even looking for anything when the following caught my eye like a thunderbolt:


 And so I bought 2 ½ yards, folded it up, and shoved it into my closet, untouched through most of the summer.  That is, until yesterday.  

Presented with the unexpected pleasure of a Columbus Day holiday and a desire to do something creative, I finally cleared the floor, grabbed my iron, ironing board, tape measure and scissors, and got to work on what would become a table-runner and eight placemats for our upcoming party in a week and a half.  The runner will span our kitchen table, and the placemats will be out to artfully present the other displays of food we’ll have throughout the apartment.  I’ll post pictures the day after the festivities. 

Though not the most ambitious project I’ve ever undertaken, it was the right push to get me out of the creative funk I’ve been in…perhaps a dive into my bead box is now in order.

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