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It’s a little ridiculous, as my husband would say, how much Nancy Botwin has influenced my style lately–I’m shopping at Anthropologie and American Apparel, embroidery and ruffles aren’t necessarily verboten anymore, and I bought two pink tees.  Pink is not a color I wear–living in a room colored in the stuff is enough to set anyone off of it–but MLP/Nancy convinced me that both light pink and fuschia are colors that I can actually pull off.  Go figure.

To give you an idea of what’s haunted me on a satorial level, check out the following: (more…)


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Due to the ridiculousness of last week’s episode, rife with gimmicks, product placements and misnomers of “all-stars,” I have chosen not to recap it.  I will wax a little on Jeff’s exit, however; while likely not the Top Chef in this group, he is extremely talented–I just wish he could focus his ideas more and not try to do too much.  According to his exit interviews this is his modus operandi, but I wish he would apply Coco Chanel’s advice to his plates:  take one ingredient, or concept, or garnish, off of it before it goes out to the diner.

But enough about that–this week it’s all about the fish and the New York epicenter for amazing fish:  Le Bernadin!


(image from the NY Times)


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Blue in green;

It’s been a hectic few days here:  two interviews in two days, a thank-you-note writing blitz, and well…that’s it.  But it’s enough.

Our friends who came over for dinner a few weeks ago to hang out and watch Mad Men are going to do so again on Friday, and L and I want to wear period-evocative clothes while we sip Martinis and get lost in the ennui that is the life at Sterling Cooper.  Our husbands are not quite as amenable to it, even after showing this awesome and completely random before and after shoot done at a London ad agency aping the style of the early sixties for the Times of London’s style section.

The before (which is what you find in EVERY freaking ad agency now, so the fact that it’s in London is irrevelant):


Yep, that’s pretty much par for the course.

But here is the after:


I’m only really getting a MM-vibe from the woman in the purple dress (and I loathe the lepoard print to the far left), but the men do improve with the formal clothes.

Just a little fluff to help us all going through Mad Men withdrawl–and now I’m determined to wear a cute, tight little skirt on Friday…

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Over the last few months we started getting into Weeds thanks to friends of ours loaning us the first season on DVD; since then, we’ve received all three seasons and only recently finally went through all of the episodes.  There’s a lot to love about this series as evidenced by its multiple award nominations, and I am planning on eventually expounding on its hilarious take on suburban angst, but today I’m feeling a little more superficial because I find myself distracted by Nancy Botwin’s wardrobe.

The pilot episode featured a gorgeous little necklace that would make its appearance in future episodes, but is shown to its full effect during a rooftop spying session/conversation between Nancy and her son’s girlfriend:



(images from Mary-Louise Parker.net)

Usually if I draw inspiration from a show, a photograph, or a magazine, it’s pretty obvious that the final product doesn’t end up looking too much like the original; depending on what I have available to me to use, it really could look completely different.  But when I went about creating a version of this ribbon-and-bead necklace, the end results looked…well, more like the original than I thought it would.  Being a prototype it certainly lacked the craftsmanship of the original, but overall I was pretty pleased:


Naturally, I wouldn’t ever sell something like this, but I’m always pleased when something in my mind comes to fruition in front of me.  Now I just need to get sketching…

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From the first season of Top Chef, the challenge now affectionately known as Restaurant Wars has always been entertaining, from Stephen in season 1 babbling ad nauseum about the wine selection for his restaurant, to the do-over required in season 3, and this go-around was no different.

Appropriately enough the guest judge for both rounds this week was Stephen Starr, a name well-known to foodies in Philadelphia thanks to his impressive stable of restaurants ranging from the original Morimoto’s (the second being in New York) to the Continental in Old City to the now-closed Striped Bass which was the gorgeous setting for a particularly heartbreaking scene in The Sixth Sense.  He has since expanded to other cities, including New York and Atlantic City, and his concepts are generally flawless in design and atmosphere, though I cannot say the same for his food because, frankly, I haven’t tried it–his menus are not exactly college-student-friendly.  He is, however, a natural fit for both the Quickfire as well as the Elimination Challenge, as we shall see beyond the jump.


Image from Bravotv.com (more…)

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Dio mio!  This week’s episode was one that got this household fired up, for oh so many reasons, so let’s just dig in and honor this episode, shall we?


Image, as always, from Bravotv.com, but for some reason it won’t let me link directly  to it. 


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The title of this week’s episode, “Focus Group,” naturally has me incredibly intrigued–especially after last week’s total letdown with a non-elimination.  That, along with the promise of a double knifing and a new judge meant that we were going to have quite a good episode in store for us, and happily, we weren’t disappointed:


(photo from Bravotv.com)


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