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I apertivi;

One small part of Piemontese life that we didn’t experience extensively was the bar culture–specifically, the before-dinner-drinks, or apertivi.  Most of our time spent in town (or in Torino) was in the afternoon and we were content to sip on either a beer or a glass of wine with a slab of pizza to tide us over before the dinner hour, and having some amazing wines completely at our disposal meant that cocktails weren’t given much consideration.

In the months since we’ve returned, though, I’ve taken to flipping through the completely gorgeous book Autumn in Piemonte, a shower gift from a dear friend, and I recently caught a section that described aperitivi and some of the traditional libations that accompany this oh-so-elegant alternative to American happy hours:



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Arial is not Helvetica;


Torino, Italy, October 10 2008, 4:10 PM.

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I know I’ve been remiss in continuing to recap our Italian adventure, but this last week wasn’t terribly inspiring for me–frustration in other quarters drained me of the urge to write anything at all.  That said, let’s get back to things.

When we were still planning some of the details of our trip, I thought I knew that I wanted us to spend a day in Milan and maybe do some serious Italian shopping.  As the time drew closer though, I wasn’t quite into it–I hadn’t had the urge to shop in a while, and the idea of spending a day shopping was seriously losing its appeal.  When Diana suggested Turin as a closer, more culturally-rich alternative, my interest was piqued and settled our decision.  She suggested driving to Asti and then taking the train from there as it would be a shorter trip (and we’d have more alternatives for departing trains) than just taking a train from Acqui.  Armed with her directions, we set off late in the morning to give it a go:



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