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Tuesday afternoon while reading swissmiss I learned that the MoMA has recently installed a temporary exhibit in the Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street (I love those street names, by the way) station in Brooklyn called MoMA Atlantic Pacific:


It’s meant to add art to a subway station for a monthlong period, but it’s also clear that it’s meant to drum up new memberships, as clearly shown by the $75/Become a Member! hot pink bubble near the top of the page.  Naturally I cannot fault them for trying to drive interest in their museum among a key local demographic–young, often creative or creative-minded professionals who are close enough to Manhattan that a subway ride isn’t that much of a reach–but I do wish that they would do projects like this more often, especially in subway stations that tourists might encounter but aren’t the most obvious–even at the one closest to the museum, itself.  It could serve as an extremely effective advertisement, of course, but also as an art-minded amuse bouche, with the focus naturally shifting to the eye.

Hopefully this will be the first in many of these kinds of installations–dare I suggest that perhaps a few could pop up along the Metro-North as well?

Here are some of the artworks on view through March; you can also visit the whole exhibit here:



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I know I’ve been remiss in continuing to recap our Italian adventure, but this last week wasn’t terribly inspiring for me–frustration in other quarters drained me of the urge to write anything at all.  That said, let’s get back to things.

When we were still planning some of the details of our trip, I thought I knew that I wanted us to spend a day in Milan and maybe do some serious Italian shopping.  As the time drew closer though, I wasn’t quite into it–I hadn’t had the urge to shop in a while, and the idea of spending a day shopping was seriously losing its appeal.  When Diana suggested Turin as a closer, more culturally-rich alternative, my interest was piqued and settled our decision.  She suggested driving to Asti and then taking the train from there as it would be a shorter trip (and we’d have more alternatives for departing trains) than just taking a train from Acqui.  Armed with her directions, we set off late in the morning to give it a go:



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The primary reason why I haven’t posted pictures from Italy yet is because, I have, literally, hundreds of them.  Instead of doing a chronological recap, however, I’ll be taking you through some of my favorite moments of our trip, from our afternoon of trespassing on la strada privata to our many food shopping excursions/excuses for me to practice my Italian, to a little rundown of the souvenirs we brought back as constant reminders of a truly singular trip.

And speaking of practicing Italian–I’m determined to learn it, and if anyone catches any glaring errors, PLEASE correct me.

As a bit of a tease of these photos, is after the jump: (more…)

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We’re in the process of closing up the apartment and getting ready to hit the rails, so posting will be sporadic at best and erratic at worst.  But believe me, come October 13th I will have much to discuss.


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A recent post from Miss Shortcake over at Our Little Haus (for some reason, my browser isn’t allowing me to embed links–her blog is on my roll to the right) reminded me that I completely forgot to post photos that I took during my recent trip back to Pennsylvania on Amtrak–on September 11th, no less.  I was in a bit of a strange mood that day–it was the first time I had gone to Union Station since Monday, and it was so surreal to stand on the platform, watching Metro-North trains pull in and depart and to hear their whistles, a sound I had become so accustomed to hearing over the last year and a half-plus.  Added to that the fact that I can get rather introspective and moody when going down to PA by myself on the train–reminiscent of too many depressing Sunday afternoon/evening rides home after visiting Michael–it was an odd trip home.

Oh, and also that it was the anniversary of September 11th certainly infiltrated my mind as well.


I couldn’t bear to take any shots of my old commute that day–it was just too strange.  But moving along:


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Images from a commute, or Layover in Bridgeport, Wednesday, August 13, 7:10 PM:

This is actually in South Norwalk–this train is always sitting, its engine running, and I’m always fooled into thinking that it’s my train and I’m late for it.  Clearly, the MTA takes delight in vexing me sometimes.


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(Note:  normally I don’t like posting the sources of lyrics, but because the above are in Icelandic, I will–this is from “Hoppípolla” by Sigur Rós’s album Takk… and if you haven’t heard this record, download it immediately.  It’s one of my favorite albums to listen while commuting because you can just leave it on and it sounds so good. )

I’m one of the very few people in my group of friends who has a commute that lasts more than ten or fifteen minutes one-way, and I easily take the cake for longest commute at three hours round-trip.  The bulk of this takes place on the Metro North which makes it more palatable–I can sit, zone out to music, work, or read Jezebel if I want to and completely avoid the clusterfuck that is driving I-95 anytime during rush hour.

In short, it’s pretty great.  There’s only one downside, really–I can’t park at the train station in New Haven because the waiting list for a parking space at Union Station is five years.  So I have to park at nearby Temple Street and trust in CT Transit’s free shuttle to get me to the station and back safely.


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