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We’re in the process of closing up the apartment and getting ready to hit the rails, so posting will be sporadic at best and erratic at worst.  But believe me, come October 13th I will have much to discuss.



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Suddenly having a large amount of time on one’s hands can open up avenues for projects that may have been either rushed or completely neglected otherwise.  It also allows me time to pull out movies that I would otherwise never watch–including one of my favorites, Great Expectations.

Mind you, I find the script to be rather dreadful, but everything else–the visual style, the art direction, the costumes, the soundtrack, the sets, even some of the performances–drew me in from the first time I saw it and compells me to revisit it on occassion to this day.  It was during that impressionable time in my life when I was watching some of the best of the Gwyneth Paltrow vehicles–Emma, Sliding Doors, The Talented Mr. Ripley–and it was when I was completely smitten with her and specifically her on-screen wardrobes.


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Well over three years ago we ventured to Spain (March of 2005, to be exact) for a small vacation, and it was amazing–we literally spent the entire time eating, drinking, and then walking around Torremolinos and Malaga.  Needless to say, it taught us to how awesome this kind of European vacation can be–very relaxing and lovely, and photogenic:

Note:  the first photos are from Torremolinos, and the second are from Malaga (you can tell from the magesticness of the buildings).

I suddenly have a craving for manchego, serrano ham and smelts.

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