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About a year ago, Michael introduced me to the glory that is IKEA Hacker, and with Diana’s recent mentions of the fabulous Swedish retailer and the current economic climate, encouraging creative uses of budget-friendly furniture seems significantly more appealing than promoting buying pre-distressed furniture or fixtures at places like Restoration Hardware.


(Image from IKEA Hacker)

There are some ridiculously creative ideas out there, such as this one that took a bathroom cabinet and turned it into a comprehensive jewlery case, or this one that took a popular frame and turned it, in multiple sizes, into wall art, that it’s impossible not to be inspired.

Check it out for yourself:


(image from IKEA Hacker)

How is this not fantastic?


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One of my favorite places to find reasonably priced, unique gifts is MoMA Store, and if I’m looking for some design porn as a pick-me-up, the online selection seldom fails to deliver.  Currently they are featuring a new, limited-time-only collection called Destination:  Seoul that features everyday products previously only available in South Korea (per the MoMA’s website).  The entire collection is filled with wit, and here are some that made me smile:


A Tea Mug that can hang onto that pesky tag string and tag.


Egg Salt & Pepper Shakers:  Because why not?


Wooden Fishing Playset:  potentially cute “save it for when the baby is a little older” present.


Farfalle Brooch:  This made me crack up, as it reminds me of one of the more recent Barilla ads for the Piccolini line of mini pastas–specifically the one where the handsome Italian chef is inspired to make a dish after seeing a little gold bow on his daughter’s teddy bear.

(all photos from the MoMA Store, obviously)

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Once again it’s snowing out, but it should be turning to rain shortly if it hasn’t already, and I need some color.  Back in the spring we went to see Color Chart:  Reinventing Color from 1950 to Today at the MoMA which featured some gorgeous pieces from the museum’s collection, but they allowed no photography so I had to get this from the exhibit’s website:


It’s like looking at the paint chips in a Lowes paint section–something I’ve always found oddly soothing.

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Penny (www.pennyplastic.com) often posts her daily inspirations on her fabulous blog, and it’s prompted me to share some of my favorite images, songs, or any other media that I want to share that may not fit into any other posts I write–especially great photos from blogs I frequent.  So without further ado, my first installment;


Image from A Tuscan View – From Umbria (http://tuscanyandumbria.typepad.com/)

This blog chronicles the adventures of a husband and wife who live in Umbria and conduct painting tours of the surrounding areas, and they usually end up posting some really fabulous photographs of both the area and of their travels.  This was taken in the south of France at the Isle sur la Sorgues and it makes me want to just head down to Newark and hop the first flight to either Italy or France.

Full account of this particular trip can be found here:  http://tuscanyandumbria.typepad.com/atuscanview/2009/01/plein-air.html

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