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It’s a little ridiculous, as my husband would say, how much Nancy Botwin has influenced my style lately–I’m shopping at Anthropologie and American Apparel, embroidery and ruffles aren’t necessarily verboten anymore, and I bought two pink tees.  Pink is not a color I wear–living in a room colored in the stuff is enough to set anyone off of it–but MLP/Nancy convinced me that both light pink and fuschia are colors that I can actually pull off.  Go figure.

To give you an idea of what’s haunted me on a satorial level, check out the following: (more…)


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Over the last few months we started getting into Weeds thanks to friends of ours loaning us the first season on DVD; since then, we’ve received all three seasons and only recently finally went through all of the episodes.  There’s a lot to love about this series as evidenced by its multiple award nominations, and I am planning on eventually expounding on its hilarious take on suburban angst, but today I’m feeling a little more superficial because I find myself distracted by Nancy Botwin’s wardrobe.

The pilot episode featured a gorgeous little necklace that would make its appearance in future episodes, but is shown to its full effect during a rooftop spying session/conversation between Nancy and her son’s girlfriend:



(images from Mary-Louise Parker.net)

Usually if I draw inspiration from a show, a photograph, or a magazine, it’s pretty obvious that the final product doesn’t end up looking too much like the original; depending on what I have available to me to use, it really could look completely different.  But when I went about creating a version of this ribbon-and-bead necklace, the end results looked…well, more like the original than I thought it would.  Being a prototype it certainly lacked the craftsmanship of the original, but overall I was pretty pleased:


Naturally, I wouldn’t ever sell something like this, but I’m always pleased when something in my mind comes to fruition in front of me.  Now I just need to get sketching…

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