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In my last installment, I alluded to the fact that for casual, anyday use, I tend to prefer juice-style glassware to stemmed only to reduce the breakage inevitability.  Since then, I’ve found a number of contenders, some good, some serviceable, and others…well, they aren’t my first choice.

  • The European Wine Glass:  my first love, found initally at Crate & Barrel senior year-ish, and a model in stability and wear and tear.  Unfortunately C&B had to go and discontinue it–bastards–and when I tried to find replacements when the first of my six-glass set broke, whenever I googled the term “European Wine Glass” I would be directed to blogs and websites extollineg the C&B’s version.  Five of these still are alive and kicking, and prior to going to Italy were our go-to-glasses.
  • The Ridel O Stemless collection:  I got a pair of these as part of a gift swap two years ago, and while technically more stable than their stemmed counterparts, they are still highly delicate and only come out on certain occassions.  They are too nice not to use, nor do I feel a strong inclination to toss them–after all, they are Ridel.
  • Crate & Barrel Rings juice glasses:  Michael found these when we were browsing the store during our last Black Friday (aka the day after Thanksgiving when people go mad shopping) and noted that they were a paltry $0.95 each.  Wanting a viable, less-breakable alternative for parties, I ended up buying at least eight–I can’t say the price wasn’t right.
  • Crate & Barrel Zip Tumbler wine glasses:  The replacement for the Euro Wine Glasses, these are thinner in construction (thereby eliminating a rather important reason why the original was so great) with etchedrings on them, but not to be confused with the Rings juice glasses where the rings are part of the blown design.  Someone gifted us with six of these according to our registry, and they will be nice glasses to use at a dinner party.  They are loads better than the “Vino” glasses they also issued–fat and stubby, with the word “VINO” etched into them–como se diche “tacky” in italiano?
  • And the glasses we are currently using tonight as Michael finishes dinner (I was a good sous chef and finely diced the onions, sliced the garlic and drained the chick peas!).  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what they are, because the nice wine store manager two blocks down gave me three of them from the four that came as a promotion for Francis Ford Coppola’s Rosso wine.  I can, however, give you a picture of one of them:


They bear a very strong resemblance to the IKEA glasses we used for our mineral water at Baur B&B, but are thinner both in the glass wall as well as the actual shape (as you can kind of see in the photo).  Any one out there recognize this glass?  Brand would be greatly appreciated–not only for me to acquire more (for a promotion, these are quality, classy glasses!) but for everyone else to partake as well.

Any other suggestions for Weeble-for-adults glassware?


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Beneath the vines of California wine;

Perhaps due to my registry stalking, I have glassware on the brain in a big way.  Oh, who am I kidding–I’ve had an odd fascination with wine glasses for even longer than it was legal for me to drink–the multitude of options out there would fascinate me.  I’d browse Pier One to look for candles, but my eyes were really drawn to the gorgeous wine glasses–and due to my ultimate weakness for anything in a deep blue, those colbalt blue glasses that were featured heavily on the first few seasons of Friends were the first ones I ended up purchasing upon embarking to college:


Nothing screams mid-1990’s like pretty much anything from Pier One.   Which is probably why they haven’t been doing as well as of late.

Over the years, I’ve since added to my glassware collection–some out of want, but others out of need.

And what spurred that need?  One word:  breakage.


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A post on one of my daily reads reminded me that I have been severely remiss in not sharing one of my particular passions with my ten (hey, I’m feeling generous today) readers–wine!  So here at Arial is not Helvetica, a new regular column is here, somewhat aptly named “Beneath the vines of California wine;” (from one of my favorite Decemberists songs “California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade”).  I’ll be sharing everything from glassware, to glass-care, and oh yes–my favorite bottles and where I like to buy them.

I am by no means a wine snob, as my normal price range is from $7-$15 (the upper level for special wines, and my maximum is $30), and I am known to pick up a bottle of Yellowtail when I either want something simple during the week or want a crowd-pleaser when my friends come over.  I do tend to favor non-American wines (which makes the title of this feature highly ironic), but there are a few delicious California bottles that will make an appearance here.  I draw the line at the Almaden and Franzia boxes, however, as they are the rotgut vodka of the wine world and will only make you feel horrible the next day.

First up:  It’s an Alaia!



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My apologies for my neglect to you, dear style and design blog.  But there are things you need to know:

  • I’m getting married in exactly six months from today.
  • To that end, I’ve been sorting out all my thoughts nuptial-related on a separate blog to not cloud your crystalline beauty and muddy your mission statement.
  • If anyone out there really cares to see what I’ve been working on manically in the past week, go here.

In the meantime, regularly scheduled style, design, literature, music, art and fashion discourse will resume momentarily.

And oh yes, more fonts to come.  Always more fonts to come.

In fact, one to tide you over as I figure out something pithy to write about:


Taken 3/20/08, 8:00 PM-ish, kitchen.

It’s dry, but it’s a yummy red wine to boot.

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